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A selection of personal sites with nice pictures :
Cool ! iKjeld
Kjeld Duits's site. He is a profesional photographer and journalist. He has been living in Japan for 20 years. He specialsied in fashion and modern J-culture. Don't miss it.
1500 wonderful online pictures of all Japan + 60000 more in archives. Definitely a must.
More than 600 beautiful pictures of Japan.
Site in French, by Florent Gorges, also webmaster of Forum Japon. His pictures of Japanese people are particularily eye-catching.
Wonderful pictures of all Japan during the 4 seasons (also other Asian countries, Canada, Cambridge). You'll need hours to visualise everything.
Very practical clickable map of Japan and Kyoto with all the major attractions. 200 pictures of Kyoto, 130 of Japan + autumn leaves and cherry blossoms. Wonderful pictures !
You'll find hundreds of pictures of virtually all standing Japanese castles. Great !
Various Japanese cities (also photos of Italy, Singapour, Malysia, Australia...)
More than 3000 wallpapers views of Japan and much more for anything you want from singers to landscape. Can't miss it (eventhough it's in Japanese).
More wallpapers : Kyoto and Mount Fuji

A few views of Japan

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Pagoda, Kyoto

Horyu-ji (Nara-ken)


Byodo-in, Kyoto

The Boydo-in (Kyoto) is also called phoenix temple and actually has the shape of the mythical bird, with its stretched wings. It is represented at the back of the 10 yen coins.



Nikko's Toshogu (17th century) was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu as a shrine and mausoleum to himself.


Kanji Signs

Dry landscape at a Zen Temple

Imperial Palace facing the district of Marunouchi, Tokyo


Himeji castle, 50km East of Kobe, is the most beautiful and largest surviving medieval castle in Japan. Its look gave him the title of white egret. It was first built on a 3-floor plan in 1581 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, then reconstructed in its present 5-floor form in 1601. It joined the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993. There is a virtual tour on the official site

Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto

Kyoto's golden pavillion (Kinkaku-ji) is probably one of the most photographed temples in Japan.