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All the general sites or the ones that don't fit another category. Personal homepages, humour, Japanese subculture, etc.
Tutti i siti generali o che non entrano in un'oltra categoria.


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General sites
Everything you want to know about Tokyo or Japan : news, culture, celebrities, jobs, travel, TV programmes, fashion, technologies and more ! Also include Classified Ads, Jobfinder, Visitor Guide, Forum and Business Directory.
If you want to know something about Japan, there is a chance you'll find it on the sites of the JIN (including the Kids Web Japan below)
Available in 9 languages. Not just for kids ! Very interesting and complete information about everything in Japan.
Cross cultural Newspaper, learn Japanese, info about studying and working in Japan (housing, visa, universities and colleges...), world products and more.
Webzine on Japan
Site specialised in entertainment (everything from Kabuki and Noh to modern drama and movies), celebrities and arts + sightseeing, employement, language and general information.

Modern culture
The most incredible stories you'll ever read about modern Japan. Enjo kosai, vicious jiji, subculture, and much more made in Japan only uncensored.
Private homepage about Japanese subculture. You will find a large repository of all things strange and uniquely Japanese ("Engrish", strange gadget...). Quite funny.

Guide to Japan
An open book on Japan. You'll learn everything about the culture, etiquette, history, politics, geography, cuisine, festivals, Japanese language, and so on. A very good introduction on all Japanese things.
Very educational guided tour of Tokyo and Kyoto + forum. (site also available in French)
Mainly a graphic site and probably the most beautiful you'll find dedicated to Japan. Treat of the art, the matsuri, shodo, bonzai, architecture and the "lifestyles" (fashion). (Click on the small white buttons move on, as they are not evident)
Personal homepages
There is probably enough here to shock you and open your eyes on what Japan "really" is. It makes for a intersting change of the usual praises.
Guide to Sushi and Sushi BarsIndependent Travel in Japanguide to rural Japan, travel articles, Japanese art, and more...
Personnal site of an American naturalised Japanese. Thousands of essays of interest for long-term residents and social activists in Japan.
Site of an English chap who tells his adventures in Japan and other places.
Personal Homepage of an Australian. Exquisitely written, humorous, little essays.

In Italiano 
Siti generali
Forum, chat e spegazioni molte completi sull'arte, la letteratura, le manga e anime, la cucina, le tradizione, la cultura, la lingua giapponese o ancora le ultie notizie riguardo al Giappone.